Saskatoon World Cup 2020

 U13/U15 Rules and Regulations

  The objective of the Saskatoon World Cup is to recognize the cultural diversity we have within our community. It is a time for players of an ethnic background to unite and compete in a fun filled event promoting the sport of soccer.  
  • Maximum 15 players – all 15 players can dress
  • U13 (2007/2008)
  • U15 (2005/2006)
  • maximum of 5 Staff
Definitions   Nation: Any FIFA recognized country or subject to the approval of the Saskatoon World Cup Organization/Registration Committee in their sole and absolute discretion, any ethnically or culturally distinct group.
Staff: Staff may include coaches, managers, trainers, etc. Only Players and Staff allowed on field/bench prior to, after or during games. All Staff must be listed on roster no later than the Roster Submission Deadline. For insurance purposes, all Staff must be appropriately registered with the SSA and have paid the appropriate SSA registration fees.
Youth Player: U13 Born 2007/2008
U15 Born 2005/2006
Heritage: No Heritage rules for youth teams.
Team Registration: Team Registration is $400
Any individual may apply to enter a team in the Saskatoon World Cup tournaments; priority for entry into each event will be given to teams who were entered in the 2019 Saskatoon World Cup.
A team must represent a specific country, or Nation (review Definition) as recognized by FIFA.   Only one team per country will be allowed to enter in each tournament per division.
The deadline for team applications is Friday April 10, 2020.
The deadline for team rosters submissions is Monday May 4 , 2020.
Rosters:   Each team may have 15 players listed on their roster, and may dress all 15 players, including the keeper(s). Teams must submit their fully completed roster via Saskatoon World Cup website. by May 4, 2020.
A team may register as many as 5 Staff, coaches, managers, trainers, but a maximum of 4 non-playing personnel will be allowed on the bench.   Rosters submitted on the declaration date will be considered final.
Teams may apply to the Saskatoon World Cup Committee to replace players that cannot play due to an injury, and are listed on their roster, provided the application is submitted 1 day prior to the start of the tournament.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to review all rosters and make a ruling on the eligibility of players and teams to participate in the Saskatoon World Cup.
The 8 Teams will be placed in Two Groups of Four. Each Team will play each Team in there Group once. The Top Two Teams from each Group will advance to Semi- Finals. Review Tie Breaking Rules for final Group Standings.
GAME DURATION   Group Stage: 2 – 25 minute halves. (No Overtime)   Knock Out Stage: Two (25) minute halves. If Teams are tied after regulation time, teams will play Overtime consisting of  Two (5) minute halves. If Teams are tied after Overtime, Shoot- out will occur. 5 penalty shooters per Team, then one penalty shooter after that. All Shooters must be in the field of play at the end of game in order to be eligible to participate in the shoot-out.
Tournament specific rules:
  • Foul and Abusive Language will not be tolerated.
  • Slide tackles permitted.
  • No Throw-in, all Balls out on the side lines are Kicked into play.
  • No off sides.
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • Yellow card: Cautionary card. 2 Yellows in one Game, automatic RED Card
  • Red card, player must leave playing field and return to dressing room.
  • Discipline matters: Ejection from a game is (one red or two yellows) results in an automatic one game suspension. A hearing may be called by Tournament Committee under there discrepancy.
  • Please remember that the Saskatoon World Cup is meant to unify and bring cultures/nations/countries together. As such, absolutely no racist, sectarian or ethnic abuse of any kind will be tolerated. Any player, coach, team official, or fan deemed guilty of abuse of any kind will be immediately sanctioned, banned or punished by the Saskatoon World Cup Organization/Registration Committee in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Players, officials and spectators are allowed to take part in or attend matches only on the condition that they observe the rules, regulations, and bylaws of the Association.
  • Every affiliated association, league, club, or team is responsible to the Board of Directors For the actions of its players, officials, and spectators, and is required to take all Precautions necessary to prevent spectators from threatening or assaulting officials and Players during or at the conclusion of the match.
  • No association, league, club or team, referee, player, or official shall bet on any soccer match, and they are also required to prevent betting, the use of objectionable language or signs.
  • All teams guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.
  • Non-taunting goal celebrations are encouraged and will not result in yellow cards.
  • As a sanctioned event, all other rules in accordance with the Indoor Rules and Regulations of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association.
  • Protests: No protests will be heard on any judgement calls by the referee. Protests will be allowed on eligibility or other technical matters, all decisions by the referee are final. Protests, problems or complaints will be dealt with provinding
  • Appeals to hearings may be heard by the Tournament Chair or his/her designate and two others who were not involved in the original hearing once a $50 Administration Fee is posted to the Saskatoon World Cup (refundable only if the appeal is upheld).
  Players on Field
6 vs 6 soccer (goalkeeper and 5 field players). A minimum of 6 players is required to begin a game.   All substitutions are unlimited and made on the fly, no stoppage of play is required.
Teams must have:
  • Numbered matching Home and Away jerseys in different country colours.
  • The Home team shall wear their primary color uniform as registered with the Saskatoon World Cup Roster Sheet.
  • The Visiting team shall change uniforms in the event of their uniforms not being distinguishable from the Home team. Training “bibs” or “pinnies” are NOT allowed in any Game.
  • Country name or logo appearing on both Home and Away.
  • Two sets of matching shorts and socks in different colours.
  • Home and Away jerseys numbered on back.
Point accumulation will be as follows:
3 points for a win 1 point for a tie 0 points for a loss   All goals scored for and against shall be used to determine final team standings during group and knock out stages.
The following tie breaking procedures will be used if 2 teams are tied after group stage play:
  • (a) Result of game between the two teams tied
  • (b) Goal Differential
  • (c) Most Goals For
  • (d) Least Goals Against
  • (e) Shoot-out
The following tie breaking procedures will be used if 3 teams are tied after group stage play:
  • (a) The highest point total, based on games among the teams tied.
  • (b) Goal Differential
  • (c) Most Goals For
  • (d) Least Goals Against
  • (e) (Coin Toss, odd coin out)
If 2 or more teams are tied after the above tie breaking procedures, a shoot-out between all tied teams will occur. The format and rules of the shoot-out will be determined by the Saskatoon World Cup Organization/Registration Committee in its sole and absolute discretion.
Miscellaneous: Infringements of any of the above rules may result in a discipline hearing in which the SWC Discipline Director or his designate shall determine a course of action.   For anything not covered in any of the Tournament Rules and Regulation, all extenuating circumstances will be dealt with by the Tournament Chair.