Men’s Team Contacts

Name of Nation / Team Name of Team Contact Cell Number Email Address
Afghanistan Hamid Khanshrin  306-612-3611 [email protected]
Albania Migen Masha 306-881-3198 [email protected]
Brazil Thiago Prado 306-229-3308 [email protected]
 Cameroon Kwankah Taka  306-880-0521  [email protected]
 Canada Lee Kormish  306-260-2192 [email protected]
Chile Julio Diaz 306-292-4607 [email protected]
China Jeff Jia 306-881-1758 [email protected]
Colombia Cesar Barrera 306-717-6853 [email protected]
 England  Stu Gillott  306-227-0552  [email protected]
 El Salvador  Ricardo Garzona  306-260-0023 [email protected]
First Nations Shalen Fox 306-441-5733 [email protected]
 Iraq  Aamer Toma 306-241-4292  [email protected]
Ireland Sam Martin 306-717-3254 [email protected]
 Italy  Blair Muzzolini  306-382-5257  [email protected]
 Karen Tornahtoo Sha 306-227-4473 [email protected]
 Morocco  Azzedine El Amraoui  306-241-9893  [email protected]
Nigeria  Abu Okonofua  306-241-1024  [email protected]
 Norway  Sean Riggs  306-930-5480  [email protected]
Oromia Dilalesa 639-471-1983 [email protected]
Portugal Jennifer Nunes 306-202-9469 [email protected]
 Ghana  Ebenezer Gwirah  639-471-1103  [email protected]
 Peru  Leo Mamani  306-717-0367  [email protected]
Poland Kristen Swiatecki 306-373-5255 [email protected]
 Romania  Vasile Solomes  306-241-2487  [email protected]
Humboldt Jesse Schwartz
Saudi Arabia  Bandar Ghalib  306-351-5548  [email protected]
Somalia Mohamed Yusuf 306-241-8624 [email protected]
 Serbia Zev Lazic 306-222-4294 [email protected]
Uganda Isaac Wani 639-471-1429 [email protected]
 Zimbabwe  Joseph Nifasha  306-221-0803  [email protected]
 Ukraine Andriy Vitkovskyy 306-715-6486 [email protected]
Zambia Precious Ogundu 306-203-1991 [email protected]