About Us

The Saskatoon World Cup soccer tournament is a celebration of diversity and cultures as well as an opportunity for local soccer players to showcase their talents on the field. While the tournament is competitive in nature, you see a sense of camaraderie and respect among the players as many of them play on same teams within the Saskatoon league. However, once on the field, it’s each country for itself and pride is on the line. The Saskatoon World Cup definitely displays how diverse and rich in culture Saskatoon really is, given most of the team members live here in Saskatoon. Some players do come from other provinces/cities to help fill the rosters. Eligibility is based on heritage, however each team is allowed 5 import players. Since its inception the Saskatoon World Cup has been a successful event, not just in terms of delivering great soccer but also in terms of providing an event that is inclusive to all cultures where for just one weekend countries come together, barriers are knocked down and there is a sense of togetherness and respect that comes from one common goal…to win the Saskatoon World Cup. The 10th annual Saskatoon World Cup will be held May 16th to 20th at the Sasktel Sports Centre. Last year’s tournament featured 32 Men’s teams including 8 Women’s teams and 16 Master’s Teams. Saskatoon World Cup also featured Boy’s U15 and U13 as well as U13 Girl’s. This year the Saskatoon World Cup is offering Mens, Womens, Masters and Youth (U13/U15) Divisions! The Saskatoon World Cup tournament is an all age’s event so everyone is welcome…we hope to see everyone out there supporting their friends, families and countries!!! Daily Pass- $5 Weekend Pass – $20 Free Admission for children under 15